Caritas Lublin

A project for the first reception and integration of refugees in the host communities

Project objectives: Support the first reception of refugees in host communities and the subsequent medium and long-term integration, support and rebuild the psychological well-being of the victims of the Ukrainian conflict, in particular of vulnerable sections of the population (women, children, people with special needs).

The activities include supply and transport of goods, within Poland and from Poland to Ukraine, support for the transport of displaced persons from the border to transit and reception centres, psychosocial and recreational activities for both children and adults in Caritas transit and reception centres. AVSI and Caritas also provide Polish language courses aimed at supporting and fostering temporary/medium-term social inclusion. Local families who make themselves available to host refugees are compensated with a cash-for-rent system and food needs are managed through vouchers for food.

Beneficiaries: 1000 persons receiving goods, 3000 displaced persons transported, 300 refugees half of which are children.

Budget: EUR 154.796,25

Location: Lublin

Partner/ Project consortium:  AVSI Polska, Avsi Foundation and Caritas Archidiecezji Lubelskej (Caritas Lublin)

Realisation period: 03/03/2022 – 30/06/2022


Supporting the initial reception of refugees in host communities

Project objectives: Support the first reception of refugees in host communities by setting up reception centres in the province of Wegrow, for transit and brief permanence of displaced people coming from Ukraine for hosting 1.000 people. The setting up activities of reception centres include the supply and purchase of basic goods, and the recruitment of teachers for Ukrainian children in public schools.

Beneficiaries: 1000 refugees from Ukraine

Budget: EUR 57.750

Location: Węgrów

Partner/ Project consortium:  AVSI Polska, Avsi Foundation and Węgrów District

Realisation period: 10/03/2022 – 30/06/2022


Project objectives: Support the first reception of refugees in host communities by setting up reception centres in the Municipality of Chelm, also providing basic goods and food. Moreover, the project aims at supporting the social integration of refugees, especially through activities with minors, and includes a short psychological training for volunteers to ensure basic knowledge of PFA and trauma to deal with first reception of displaced people.

Beneficiaries: 2000 refugees

Budget: EUR 151.690

Location: Chelm

Partner/ Project consortium:  AVSI Polska, Avsi Foundation and Municipality of Chelm

Realisation period: 03/03/2022-30/06/2022


A project to help improve access to formal employment for Ukrainian refugees in Poland and facilitate their socio-economic integration.

Project objectives: The pilot project aims at offering the possibility to 31 Ukrainian refugee mothers to integrate the Polish labour market, through the collaboration with the company PARTNERSPOL GROUP which will offer them a job in its Łowicz plants.

To complete the socio-economic insertion in the country, AVSI provides support to the beneficiaries of the project both from an economic point of view, through support in the search for more stable housing solutions and a contribution of food support, as well as from a psycho-social point of view for refugees and their children, through the creation of a team of social workers who can support them in everyday problems and the creation of a company nursery that can take care of children during working hours, but also through the offer of language courses.

Beneficiaries: 31 Ukrainian women refugees, 62 members of their families (among which 53 minors)

Budget: EUR 52.788,75

Location: Łowicz

Partner/Project consortium:  AVSI Polska, Avsi Foundation and Partners Polska Sp. Z o.o. Sp.k.

Realisation period: 01/04/2022 – 30/06/2022

In addition to the projects, AVSI Polska has also contributed to the situation of the Ukrainian refugees through various donations supporting five entities on Polish territory:

  1. Fundacja Przyszłość Margonina, a foundation located in ul. Powstańców Wielkopolskich 15 in Margonin, received15 000 PLN to be spent on washing machines, irons, microwaves for Ukrainian refugees etc.
  • The Municipality of Urząd Gminy Liw  in Węgrow, ul. Mickiewicza 2, received 6369,51 PLN, through which AVSI acquired and delivered 50 cots to be provided to Ukrainians fleeing on the territory of Liw.

These 5 projects rely on a valid donation agreement for the record at the premises of AVSI Polska.

Helping Ukrainians fleeing war

Since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, on Thursday, February 24, hundreds of thousands of people have left their homes and crossed borders to seek security and peace.

AVSI Polska immediately took action to help them.

Together with the AVSI Foundation (www.avsi.org) at the outbreak of the war we immediately organized emergency interventions in the border areas and arrival posts of Ukrainian refugees in Poland.

The conflict is causing an increasing number of civilian casualties, destroying livelihoods, damaging civilian infrastructure, homes, water systems, schools and health care facilities, killing hope.

We want to help Ukrainians, but we need everyone’s support

AVSI Polska has also been  the promoter of the humanitarian aid initiative called: “Italian Solidarity in Poland“.

Together with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Poland and the Dante Alighieri Society in Warsaw, we have set up a Crisis Committee to manage this emergency and the memorandum of understanding between the three organizations has been signed.

The initiative received the High Patronage of deputy Grzegorz Piechowiak, president of the Polish-Italian Parliamentary Group, Commander of the Italian Republic – whom many of us know as Minister Plenipotentiary for Foreign Investment of the Polish Government.

AVSI Polska and AVSI Foundation will use the donations received for:

  • Supply and transport of goods, within Poland and from Poland to Ukraine: life-saving food and non-food products; distribution of personal hygiene kits and COVID-19 protection kits;
  • Therapy and recovery services for children, especially children with disabilities;
  • Support for the transport of displaced persons from the border to transit and reception centers;
  • Support for the coordination of volunteers involved in the first reception operations;
  • Support for the census and registration of families present in the reception centers to ensure traceability and personalized support;
  • Support for special cases: identification, accompaniment and referral of cases with special needs or particular vulnerabilities, for personalized management (women, separated or unaccompanied minors, disabled people);
  • Setting up child-friendly spaces within temporary and short/medium-term reception centers for Ukrainian refugees;
  • Translation and information services for guidance and integration;
  • Organization of language courses to facilitate temporary or medium-term social integration for displaced persons in host countries;
  • Economic support for rental costs to host families in response to housing needs;
  • Support for host families;
  • Meal vouchers to be spent in the area of intervention.

This is possible thanks to a wide network of partners: AVSI Foundation from Italy, Caritas SPES of Lviv, Caritas Lublin and the local administrations of Municipality of Chełm, Powiat of Węgrów, Municipality of Wągrowiec, Municipality of Liw, Municipality of Margonin and many companies and individuals who are helping with this effort.

Donate your contribution now by bank transfer to AVSI Polska account:

PLN: 07 8769 0002 0680 1313 2000 0030

EUR: 83 8769 0002 0680 1313 2000 0020