AVSI Poland


Since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, on Thursday, February 24, hundreds of thousands of people have left their homes and crossed borders to seek security and peace.

AVSI Polska

AVSI Polska was founded in 1993 in Warsaw as one of the organizations associated in the AVSI network (Association of Volunteers for the International Service), based in Milan, Italy. AVSI started its worldwide operations in 1972. AVSI Foundation is one of the most important NGOs in Europe. It operates in the field of social welfare, education, aims to improve social and economic conditions through the promotion of small business, continuing adult education, vocational training, fighting unemployment, health care activities.

AVSI Polska uses and develops the rich experience of AVSI Foundation in its activities.

Our mission

AVSI Polska mission is supporting human development in the wake of the Catholic Social Doctrine with particular attention to education and promoting human dignity in all its expressions. 

AVSI Polska encourages and promotes

  • Social Commitment
  • Development of Human Capital
  • Trainings oriented to increase the qualifications of the personnel employedand unemployed
  • Promotion of entrepreneurship
  • Distance Adoptions
  • Emergency Intervention
  • Projects in the area of culture, arts and sports

Our vision

AVSI Polska vision is the centrality of person in any initiative, the individual is seen as unique, irreplaceable and irreducible to any sociological category. Every person, every community is an asset that can and should be valued. This means enhancing the human been and the set of experiences that are the heritage of the life of each person. The centrality of the individual represent a key objective, that helps a person to become aware of its own value and dignity and support in its growth and social enrichment.

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