Work with us

AVSI Polska is always looking for highly motivated staff/volunteers and specialists which have capacities and skills to address the challenges to face the organization mission in order to implement various projects.

These profiles more requests to work with AVSI Polska:

  • Specialists in the EU, with experience in projects related with social and human capital (eg Operational Program Human Capital PO KL, FIO, Norwegian Fund, EFS).
  • Expert trainers in different areas (soft and hard skills) to be able to enter in the various training projects (PO KL, priority VI-VII-VIII).
  • Project coordinator and senior administrative staff to include as project managers. Proven tracks records and experience in the management of the Structural Funds  projects (SPO RZL, PO KL, EFS, ect.).
  • Volunteer for AVSI Polska projects: If you are interested to work as a volunteer in AVSI Polska projects, send your application indicating clearly the place of residence and availability of time. Volunteers are not paid. 

To apply for job offers you must send your resume plus a short cover letter. Knowledge of English and / or Italian will be welcome as a plus. All applications will be handled by ensuring the equal treatment between men and women without discrimination of gender, race, age, religion.

The data will be treated in compliance with the polish law  of 29.08.1997 Ustawa o Ochronie Danych Osobowych (Dz. Ust. Nr 133 poz. 883). AVSI Polska will proceed with contact only candidates considered to have specific requirements based on the ongoing projects.