Training offer

Training is for  AVSI Polska a “vocation”
“To learn how to learn, to learn how to change”

Doing training for us of AVSI Polska means work for people and organizations – and with the people and organizations – such as strategic support to facilitate concrete constantly learning, the expression of skills and distinctive role, motivation and strength needed to grow. Doing training for AVSI Polska does not mean “implementing courses” but to create projects that are carried out through t meaningful steps necessary to ensure that the results are constantly monitored. Feature of our service is the practical routes which we attach to the training courses because, through the activation of concrete stimulation easily understandable and referring to daily situations, we can develop more rapidly skills and facilitate their transfer to the job.

We work with the purpose that learning and changes pass through enhancement of the experience of each, and yet, provide to bring out in people dynamism to seek out and use in autonomy new models and new tools which bring more competitiveness. Due to the different configurations and organizational training needs that characterize the private enterprises, public authorities, associations and professional firms, AVSI Polska designs and implements training aimed ad hoc finalized to analysis and development of specific contents and skills that are addressed with particular emphasis and attention to the customers’ peculiarities.After taking into account the training needs analysis, we will design and planning activities and then  implementing the courses through the constant monitoring of the quality of the training process. Particular emphasis is paid to the analysis and verification of the results achieved with the completion of training, placing a special attention on systems for changes evaluating and improvements of individual and organization.