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Projects In progress

Development of human resources management competencies for company workers

Partner: Indesit Company Poland
Implementation period: 01.07.2011r – 31.05.2012r.
Aim: to develop managerial skills for all managers from Radomsko and one group from Łódź  and receive practical tools for effective management and teamwork

The project will be held the following training:

  • 1st Effective management of the team
  • 2nd Effective conflict solution in a team
  • 3rd Management by objectives
  • 4th Effective non-wage motivation
  • 5th Labour Law
  • 6th Intermentoring model for a production company – for managers.
  • 7th Equality Policy – for managers

Budget: 566 320, 00 zł
Project is financed by the European Social Fund under the Human Capital Operational Program (Priority 8.1.1).
Implementation area: Indesit`s factories in Radomsko and Łódź

Your own business

Implementation period: 15 December 2010 – 31 July 2012
Activities: Full-scale support in setting up a new business (trainings and individual coaching for 48 persons, financial support for the business activity and additional financial help for 32 persons, specialist advisory after the business is started)
Budget: 2.146.729,00  PLN    
Resources obtained from Human Capital Operational Programme, Measure 6.2.
Implementation area: City of Warsaw and nowodworski, zachodniowarszawski, pruszkowski and piaseczyński districts.

Train to knowledge –  a comprehensive program of improving skills for employees and companies

Implementation period: January-December 2011
Activities: Training for staff interested in updating their skills and companies willing to increase competitiveness in the market by investing in an employee
Budget: 641.840,00 PLN
Donor: Mazovian Unit for Implementation of EU Programmes, Human Capital Operational Programme, Submeasure 8.1.1
Implementation area: Mazowiedzkie voivodeship

Projects implemented in area of development of Human Resources

“Mum returns to work” (2008-2009) 

Activities’: training for unemployed mothers and after a long break to get back on the job market
Budget: 647 000 PLN
Donor: Mazowiecka Jednostka wdrażania, submeasure 7.2.1 Operational Program Human Capital
Location: Warsaw district

“Laboratory of Work” (2007-2008)

Activities: strengthening the structures and powers of labor market institutions of the Eastern Mazovia
Budget: 2,500,000 PLN
Donor: ESF measure 1.1.RZL
Location: Region of Mazovia
Partner: CORE sp. z o.o. (Main Applicant) and AVSI

“Reporting and managing projects for NGOs” (2005)

Activities: training course designed for NGOs
Budget: 116,000 PLN
Donor: FIO Fund (Ministry for Social Policy)
Location: Krakow
Partner: YMKA

“Working for Europe” (2005)

Activities: specialized course in “Europrojecting”:
Budget: 85,600 EUR
Donor: EU (Phare 2003)
Location: Krakow
Partners: Association “Labor”

“Experts in innovative processes” (1993 – 1995)

Activities’: training courses in marketing, legal, finance, public relations and negotiation strategies
Budget: 200,000 EUR
Donor: Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)
Beneficiaries: young unemployed

Projects in the area of promoting entrepreneurship

“TOP 50: talent proved after 50” (2007)

Activities: advice, training and financial support to women “over 50” who want to start their own business activity
Budget: 216,000 EUR
Donor: Phare 2003 – over 50
Location: Łódź
Partners: Foundation Gajusz

“Women and employers: training- integration program ” (2006 – 2007)

Activities: training for women who want to start their own business and for employers interested in flexible forms of employment
Budget: 324,000 PLN
Donor: ESF – submeasure 1.6. RZL
Location: Krakow
Partners: Association of Gminia and Poviat of Malopolska

“Tourism as a source of employment” (2007 – 2008)

Activities: vocational training for farmers in the voivodship of Podkarpackie
Budget: 642,000 PLN
Donor: ZPORR measure 2.3
Place: Podkarpackie
Partners: Regional Chamber of Commerce of Sanok

“The United Market in the Enlarged Europe” (2005)

Activities: International Conference
Budget: 63,800 EUR
Donor: EU (Phare Small Projects Program)
Location: Krakow
Main Applicant: Compagnia delle Opere

“Tourism as an instrument for sustainable economic development in southern Poland” (2003 – 2004)

Activities: training for trainers involved in the development of tourism, for a study on tourism and organization of an international conference
Budget: 440,000 EUR
Donor: Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Law 212/92)
Beneficiaries: private companies, authorities and local & regional unemployed youth

“Tourism as entrepreneurship ‘” (1997 – 1999)

Activities: training courses on the development of tourism, promote tourist exchanges between Italy and Poland, promotion of investment in tourism infrastructure in Poland.
Budget: 440,000 EUR
Donor: Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Law 212/92)
Beneficiaries: people involved with the development of tourism companies, private authorities, local & regional unemployed youth
(800 Beneficiaries)

“The road to entrepreneurship ‘” (1996 – 1998)

Activities: training courses in marketing, legal, finance, public relations and negotiation (2400 hours)
Budget: 400.000 EUR
Donor: Italian-Polish Fund of Counterpart
Beneficiaries: 80 young unemployed people (graduates & undergraduates)

Emergency projects

“ECHO 1 and ECHO 2” (1997 – 1998)

Activities: purchase and distribution of material and equipment for reconstruction of buildings damaged by the flooding, reconstruction and equipping of primary school and kindergarten, rebuilding the city water system.
Budget: 916,000 EUR
Donor: EU Fund (ECHO)
Beneficiaries: families, individuals, authorities and local areas

“Tuscany for Małopolska” (1997)

Activities: purchase and distribution of goods, equipment and building materials for the victims of flooding in the region of Malopolska
Budget: 40,000 EUR
Donor: Tuscany Region
Beneficiaries: families, individuals, authorities and local areas flooded

Projects implemented in the social area

 „Together 2 – squared Together” (2005)

Activities: integration of children with mind disabilities between the Center for Educational Łbiska and the local community of Piaseczno:
Budget: 112,000 PLN
Donor: FIO Fund (Ministry for Social Policy)
Location: Piaseczno (Warsaw)
Partners: Poviat Piaseczno + Łbiska Center

“Your own home” (2002 – 2003)

Activities: organization and implementation of a shelter for mothers infected by HIV, unemployed and their children, social care and treatment, vocational training
Budget: 200,970 EUR
Donor: EU (Phare ACCESS)
Target population: women with AIDS and their children, social workers

“Therapeutic center for families infected with HIV or with problems of drug abuse” (2001 – 2002)

Activities: training and support for families, volunteers, for doctors, journalists and managers, publication of a handbook for families with members suffering from AIDS or drug addicts
Budget: 158,600 EUR
Donor: EU (Phare LIEN)
Beneficiaries: families, volunteers, doctors, journalists, managers

“Information Center on HIV” (1995 – 1997)

Activities: creation of a Center for Information and Documentation on HIV; courses for educators and social workers, support for AIDS patients
Budget: 200,000 EUR
Donor: EU (Phare LIEN)
Beneficiaries: social workers, authorities and AIDS patients

Distance Adoption

In Poland the project is ongoing since 1994
ACTIVITIES: housing and support education, food and clothing, medical care, correspondence between children and supporters, activities of integration with the local communities.
BENEFICIARIES: Currently about 215 children in difficult situations, divided in 3 centers (2 in the area of Warsaw, 1 in south-west of the Country)
FINANCIAL RESOURCES: around EUR 60,000 / year
SUPPORTERS: families (mainly Italian), individuals, companies, associations