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Organizacja Pożytku Publicznego
ul. Królewska 16
Saski Crescent
00-103 Warsaw, Poland
Tel: +48 / 022 / 576 80 00 - 586 33 00
Fax: +48 / 022 /825 22 22 - 586 33 10


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AVSI Polska mission of is to support human development in the wake of the Catholic Social Doctrine with particular attention to education and promoting human dignity in all its expressions. AVSI Polska since 1994, encourages and promotes the following activities:

  • Social Commitment;
  • Development of Human Capital;
  • Trainings oriented to increase the qualifications
    of the personnel employed and unemployed;
  • Promotion of entrepreneurship;
  • Distance Adoptions;
  • Emergency Intervention;
  • Projects in the area of culture, arts and sports


AVSI Polska vision is the centrality of person in any initiative, the individual is seen as unique, irreplaceable and irreducible to any sociological category. Every person, every community is an asset that can and should be valued. This means enhancing the human been and the set of experiences that are the heritage of the life of each person. The centrality of the individual represent a key objective, that helps a person to become aware of its own value and dignity and support in its growth and social enrichment.


Training is for AVSI Polska a "vocation"

"To learn how to learn, to learn how to change"

Doing training for us of AVSI Polska means work for people and organizations - and with the people and organizations - such as strategic support to facilitate concrete constantly learning, the expression of skills and distinctive role, motivation and strength needed to grow.

Doing training for AVSI Polska does not mean “implementing courses" but to create projects that are carried out through t meaningful steps necessary to ensure that the results are constantly monitored.

Feature of our service is the practical routes which we attach to the training courses because, through the activation of concrete stimulation easily understandable and referring to daily situations, we can develop more rapidly skills and facilitate their transfer to the job.

We work with the purpose that learning and changes pass through enhancement of the experience of each, and yet, provide to bring out in people dynamism to seek out and use in autonomy new models and new tools which bring more competitiveness.


Due to the different configurations and organizational training needs that characterize the private enterprises, public authorities, associations and professional firms, AVSI Polska designs and implements training aimed ad hoc finalized to analysis and development of specific contents and skills that are addressed with particular emphasis and attention to the customers’ peculiarities.

After taking into account the training needs analysis, we will design and planning activities and then implementing the courses through the constant monitoring of the quality of the training process.

Particular emphasis is paid to the analysis and verification of the results achieved with the completion of training, placing a special attention on systems for changes evaluating and improvements of individual and organization.


What is: It's a form of solidarity, a stable economic contribution addressed for a specific child or youth or to his family, or his community.

Commitment: The annual fee is established in XXX PLN, the minimum commitment is one year, payment may be quarterly, semiannual or annual basis. It renews automatically unless written termination.

What you get: after submission a record file of the child, a photo, the presentation of the project. More news twice a year.

The basic principle: Together with material aid, the presence of adults accompanying children in their education.

How to join

AVSI Polska distance supports
Internet: www.avsipolska.org
Mail: sostegno.distanza@avsipolska.org

How to become a supporter:
Those who want to sign a distance supports can do so by filling out the enrollment form available on this site. The fee for the distance support is established in XXX PLN year. The contribution may be paid in a single payment or in quarterly or half yearly, as follows:

Transfer to an account at the bank:

The status of supporter:
Once you submit the enrollment form, you will get the original documentation of the child: a file records, a photo and, if possible, brief information about his/her personal history and a presentation of the local and destination of the contribution paid. Also you will receive the necessary instructions to make payment in accordance with the way chosen. Subsequently you will receive at least two updates a year. The duration of the support continues until the status is still needed or for the duration of the project in which the child is. To give as much as possible the opportunity to help children in difficult conditions, the efforts to donors to support distance is annual, automatically renewable from year to year. At the end of each year, the donor can withdraw their membership writing to AVSI Polska with at least 60 days notice so AVSI Polska can provide to entrust the child to another supporter and enable us to continue the path taken. The donations made in support of AVSI Polska are tax deductible / deductible for individuals and businesses. AVSI Polska NGOs is in fact under the law XXXXXXXXXXXXX on international cooperation and ONLUS as for the law XXXXXXXXX. For the tax return is sufficient to keep the receipt of the bulletin, the bank accounts or bank statement.


AVSI Polska is always looking for highly motivated staff/volunteers and specialists which have capacities and skills to address the challenges to face the organization mission in order to implement various projects. These profiles more requests to work with AVSI Polska:

Specialists in the EU, with experience in projects related with social and human capital
(eg Operational Program Human Capital PO KL, FIO, Norwegian Fund, EFS).
To apply: specjalista@avsipolska.org

Expert trainers in different areas (soft and hard skills)to be able to enter in the various training projects (PO KL, priority VI-VII-VIII). To apply: trainer@avsipolska.org

Project coordinator and senior administrative staff to include as project managers. Proven tracks records and experience in the management of the Structural Funds projects (PO RZL-PO KL, EFS, ect.). To apply: staff@avsipolska.org

Volunteer for AVSI Polska projects: If you are interested to work as a volunteer in AVSI Polska projects, send your application indicating clearly the place of residence and availability of time. Volunteers are not paid. To apply: wolontariuszy@avsipolska.org

How to apply:
To apply for job offers you must send your resume plus a short cover letter. Knowledge of English and / or Italian will be welcome as a plus.

All applications will be handled by ensuring the equal treatment between men and women without discrimination of gender, race, age, religion.

The data will be treated in compliance with the polish law 29.08.97 roku o Ochronie Danych Osobowych Dz. Ust Nr 133 poz. 883

Due to t the high number of applications received, AVSI Polska will proceed with contact only candidates t considered to have specific requirements based on the ongoing projects.

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